I painted something

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Going to a Paint Party and making the art that everyone else is making is still art. Your (my) hand makes it one’s own personal art.

That being said, I made dis at a party in November:

I was having a shit day when I went to this party, but it was a great time and making this improved my mood immensely.

Art Saves.

Late postcard

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From Arizona. I appreciate the sentiment:

Brings my total to 9. Not bad at all…

Keep on Arting.

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This was some random retweet.


“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, blocking his path on purpose and making him squeeze past me, in a display of dominance.”



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From my first canvas:

This fall’s postcard harvest

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8, so far.

They are appropriately GLORIOUS of course.

1) This came from Massachusetts:

The sewing a frame on postcards thing doesn’t get old, and yummy colors…

2) From Virginia:

So simple, so effective.

3) From LA:

I hope all y’all know that the photos don’t do these pieces of art real justice…

4) Unknown / USA:

This is great. Love this style and sentiment. Coffee, tea & me…

5) From a fellow wordpress blogger, hollowjb.wordpress.com, in North Carolina:

I just love this…colors… juxtaposition…yes.

6) From Luxembourg!

This came in an envelope but it’s in 3D so it makes sense.

7) From Montreal:

8) This feels like canvas, it’s such nice paper.

From Alaska!

This is the only one wrapped in a postcard condom, but it says, “Raven steals the sun.”

“When you see a raven, ask it for ‘good’ luck.”

Maybe 2 more on their way here…maybe not…

Some friends were talking…

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…about marriage this morning.

This is my current viewpoint on the subject:


I’m rapidly finishing up 2 more art journals…they are among the six (6!) I started shortly after I moved to Vallejo 3 years ago.

They have different colored covers.

So, Red & Yellow coming soon-ish…

Fall postcard swap, delayed on account of crazy.

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I’ve received 7 cards thus far, but more importantly, I finished mine and sent them out almost exactly 2 weeks late.

I was in the hospital for 10 days, so, better late than not at all…

This year’s model:

A future post will be my received beauties….