Month: December 2018


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…a quote from Danny Alexander.

Returned to Sender.

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For the first time, a postcard that I sent was returned to me.

The address sticker is mostly torn off, so I blame the machines.

I forget I make these once they are sent…

I will resend.

I painted something

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Going to a Paint Party and making the art that everyone else is making is still art. Your (my) hand makes it one’s own personal art.

That being said, I made dis at a party in November:

I was having a shit day when I went to this party, but it was a great time and making this improved my mood immensely.

Art Saves.

Late postcard

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From Arizona. I appreciate the sentiment:

Brings my total to 9. Not bad at all…

Keep on Arting.

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This was some random retweet.


“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, blocking his path on purpose and making him squeeze past me, in a display of dominance.”



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From my first canvas: