Gotta go BIGGER…

As I am nursing a broken heart, along with an unfamiliar feeling of freedom, I’m absolutely losing my shit, in the ol’ noggin, right about now.

That being said…I’m working on something…big.

Like, “life-size” big.

Well…I’m taking a break, driving to Fresno tomorrow to visit some of my Brothers & go swimming, but when I get back, I’ll be finishing the rough outline, and hanging ’em on the wall cuz that’s the only place I’ll be able to work on ’em.

Anywho…no pics cuz there’s nothing to see here…just me…crying about how the Love Of My Life is…Unavailable…




Junk Journals from old books.

So, I got hooked up with Junk Journal Junkies on Facebook, so my feed is full of gorgeous books that folks have made or received.
Also…So. Much. Lace.

Anyway, as I’m so situated as to have access to books (heh), I picked up a few likely victims…

I’m definitely thinking “themes,” so in order L to R, Love, Coffee, Travel, practice, and Politics.

I think that last book will need to be swapped for a thicker book.

The practice book is a badly decayed Mother Goose. I thought to make it the Coffee book, because I love the cover:

But I’m not certain that the old cover will make it…

It’s all fits and starts when it comes to all this. I’m full of ideas, but lack motivation. I know what to do, but lack the energy.

I am bereft without the LOML* and my heart is wounded by loneliness.

…but make art while the laundry runs…

*LOML = Love Of My Life