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Back to work…

I woke up early enough to have a 2nd cup of coffee and extra snuggles with My Emily.

She’s SO FLUFFY!!!

A retired former coworker brought these in to us from her garden:

The COLORS, tho!

Today is looking like a pretty good day here at JFK, even though one of my favorite coworkers is leaving us after Saturday and it’s rather jarring to watch him pack up/clean his desk. 😥

He is promoting to full time at another location, so I can’t harsh his gig, but I hope he can come back to JFK when a full time spot opens up. 🤓🥳

Tonight I’m going to collect up a few items and supplies to take back to my new Art Space at Matt’s…

I mean, you KNOW there will be beautiful tapestries and twinkly lights in there! 🤩🤪

I purchased a string of lights much like this, and three (3) were delivered. MWAH-HAH-HAH!
My forest tapestry is quite like this…

I do believe I’ve got some Aries moon energy going on.

Happy Tuesday!

Junk Journals from old books.

So, I got hooked up with Junk Journal Junkies on Facebook, so my feed is full of gorgeous books that folks have made or received.
Also…So. Much. Lace.

Anyway, as I’m so situated as to have access to books (heh), I picked up a few likely victims…

I’m definitely thinking “themes,” so in order L to R, Love, Coffee, Travel, practice, and Politics.

I think that last book will need to be swapped for a thicker book.

The practice book is a badly decayed Mother Goose. I thought to make it the Coffee book, because I love the cover:

But I’m not certain that the old cover will make it…

It’s all fits and starts when it comes to all this. I’m full of ideas, but lack motivation. I know what to do, but lack the energy.

I am bereft without the LOML* and my heart is wounded by loneliness.

…but make art while the laundry runs…

*LOML = Love Of My Life

Where HAVE you been?!?

No post for A YEAR? No art?

She don’t call? She don’t write…?

Yes. I HAVE been making some art, I moved away from the desert and changed jobs (out of prison, WOOT!), and I’ve had cancer…

So…I moved from Brawley, CA (Imperial County, the ass end of the state, almost to Mexico) to Vallejo, CA (North-East Bay area, trees, water, PEOPLE!), and I’m still (ALWAYS!) a Librarian, but instead of working in a Level 4 Men’s Prison, I’m the YA Librarian in a public Library now. So far, they LOVE me here.

I get to got to school events and be a Library cheerleader (VERY good at that) and I control the Teen Area of my downtown Library. I help folks find the information they need every day. I RULE, y’all!

Yeah, breast cancer. My Sister-in-law had breast cancer surgery in July and all she asked of me was that I get a mammogram, so I did in August 2015, and they found stage 1 cancer in my right breast. I had/have great doctors and pretty damn good health insurance through both my old and new employers, but the move in November did create some delays in my treatment plan. I had surgery at the end of January where three small masses and two lymph nodes were removed. I make as many jokes about “Frankenbewbie” as I can, and I am so very lucky that a test now exists to determine whether chemo will even help before ya go for it, and for me, chemo would do no good, so I did not have to do it.

I had radiation treatments throughout April (NOT fun), and now I take an nifty anti-cancer pill that messes with my temperature gauge. I’m in the, “cancer isn’t actively trying to kill you right now/any cancer cells that are hanging about are being dealt with/take a million tests so we can keep an eye on EVERYTHING” stage of my treatment, and the only other thing I have to say on the subject is:


So…Yeah…been busy, but I am getting ready to do SO MANY THINGS. I am getting my art room organized here in my new place so I have BIG plans…It has been a bit of a downsize from my place in the desert to my little city Aerie, but I am really loving it here and there’s nothing wrong with me weeding out things I do not need to keep. I’m on the second story of this 2-apartment duplex; There’s a nice lady, her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend living downstairs and we each have our own little patch of a back yard, and MINE has a nice set of redwood-deck-style stairs down to it. There is a huge tree in my back yard and another out front, perhaps I can figure out what type of trees they are sometime? The cats love to look out the windows even more than I do and the light up here has a magical angle to it at times…

I do really love it here! I’m about a mile from the Vallejo Ferry at the waterfront so my neighborhood includes the arts area downtown where the farmer’s market is every Saturday morning. This town is just one of the prettiest I’ve ever lived in.
There are projects I’m working on, art I want to make, places to wreck, people to do…

While I have done practically nothing in my art journals since last summer until recently, I have tried to keep my hand in the paint, so to speak. I participated in iHanna’s postcard swap last fall (had them sent to my Sister-in-law’s address, as I was moving at the time), did the spring swap, and I just finished my postcards for the this year’s fall swap. Also, I FINALLY (seriously, I’ve had it for about 20 years!) redid my telephone “lefty” table,

and I painted my square tray a nice dark denim blue & lined the bottom with collaged cigar bands.
I’ve already had 5 of the 6 craft programs I set up at my library this fall, but I gotta get more folks to attend…We did origami, weaving, duct tape, and Art Journaling. Since my library is in the Art District, so we aught to expand on that.

More to come…

…trust me.

Painting decor

So I HAVE been getting paint on my hands, but mostly just from putting color on picture frames and such. There’s a lot of blue and green in my living room and I got tired of all the mismatched wood tones on the picture frames.

I spent this past weekend putting heat blocking curtains in my upstairs windows since this is the desert and it’s April. Everyone has been warning me about the summers here since I arrived in September and my windows DO face West, so…

I WILL post some photos of some art journal pages as soon as I TAKE some photos of some art journal pages…

See…Not only do I not know if anyone would even be interested is seeing what I create, I don’t know if anyone out in the wilds of the interwebs will ever read this at all.

Meh…I’m gonna write anyway.

It’s not ALL about the cats…

Aside from the fact that this blog is named for 2 of them, it is not intended to be about them exclusively. They are my children and I love them dearly, but I also wanted a place to discuss my tentative steps into the worlds of crafting and art journalling.

Over the past holiday weekend, I organized quite a bit more of my “Craft Room” and even took the time to paint a few things. See…I rent a 2 bedroom apartment and the smaller bedroom is my craft spot.

I have collected A LOT of supplies and equipment over the past couple of years, looking forward to the time (NOW!!!) when I could get creative with it all. I have books and paper and wood and metal and odd bits of flotsam & jetsam just waiting patiently for me to transform it all into a new and/or reincarnated thing of beauty and/or usefullness.

So…this blog provides me with one less excuse for keeping it all to myself. I can make things, take pictures of them, and post them here. If other people like them, YAY! If they don’t, that will be OK too, because this is the interwebs and criticism once removed matters to me even less than in real life.

The point of all this is that I have the space and time to GET creative. Whatever comes out will be…um…whatever!

Oh! The craft room is closed to kitties except for when I am in it, because, more than the fact that I don’t want to worry about the children messing up my projects, I REALLY don’t want to have to clean wet paint off of cats!

I’ll have the eggs to post a picture of SOMEthing I made soon…until then, here is one of the MANY pictures I like from Pinterest…