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Guess who’s back…back again…

I have not posted a thing for over 4 months and I’d say that’s not like me, but it TOTALLY is. I haven’t blogged or made any art for about that long. I’m not sure what has been holding me back, but I suspect it has to do with *waves in all directions* all of this.

Postcard from spring 2017 swap with

So…I’m participating in Effy Wild’s Artfully Wild Blog Along this year to put myself back into the creative zone.

There is nobody quite like Effy to give me a “gentle” nudge towards a healthier Art Practice.   I began with Effy’s teachings in Journal 52 2018. I jumped to BOD in 2019, and this is my 2nd year in Moonshine.

I have done next to nothing but lurk on the pages for this year so far, but I am a firm believer in starting where you are, so…April it is.

I received my Moderna vax last Thursday and I have to note the weight that feels lifted from my shoulders about it is NOT missed.

My coworkers have all received their first shots at least, and I feel much safer about our whole library team because of that fact.

My Love, Matt, received his shot the same day I did, but he’s team Pfizer. 

My career, Librarian Supreme, is running along nicely, now that we have a new (MUCH better) Supervisor.  My former BOSS* and I are like oil & water.

The services we can provide are limited compared to pre-Covid times, but we do all the things we can for folks, and we are preparing for the future-times when we can do Programs and Outreach again.

#hoodielibrarian 2021

My work weeks are spent with this character…She makes me laugh every day.

The cute…it slays me.
Cuddles Forevah!!!
Emily Bird Starr

Work weeks include 40hrs of Librarian goodness, not enough sleep, and good times with my little roomate family (Amy and her kids: Erik and Angelina)

Weekends include THIS Man:

He is My Heart.

Yep…I am pampered, fed, loved, listened to…It’s a rough life, but I think I’ve earned it.

So…here we are. Today is a good day. I had an eye Dr. appointment where they dilated my eyes, but I’ll get spiffy new specs in 2-3 weeks.

Ok…that’s enough for today…my eyeballs hurt.


*BOSS* per prison slang = Stupid Son Of a Bitch

Journal 52 2018

I did this. Yes, I finished it in January of 2019, but that’s better than when I finished Journal 52 2015 in 2017 innit…

Anywho…Journal 52 2018 is an joint. She sends the prompts/art cards/magic every Friday and we can post what we make on the Facebook group.

It is happening again this year, and I can’t really recommend it enough.

With that, here’s my book. I didn’t seal the pages with gesso before I started, so there were limits on what I could add (wet media and such) but it was cool to work on it anyway.

Title page:

Week 1 – Heart

Week 2 – Calm

Week 3 – Integrate

Week 4 – Attend

Week 5 – Courage

Week 6 – Ponder

Week 7 – Moon

Week 8 – Play

Week 9 – Transform

Week 10 – Friendship

Week 11 – Dream

Week 12 – Navigate

Week 13 – Embodied

Week 14 – Storm

Week 15 – Clarity

Week 16 – Sensual

Week 17 – Pause

Week 18 – Deeper

Week 19 – Remember

Week 20 – Bliss

Week 21 – Frolic

Week 22 – Synthesis

Week 23 – Resilient

Week 24 – Empathy

Week 25 – Enter

Week 26 – Deep Peace

Week 27 – Light

Week 28 – Flow

Week 29 – Immersion

Week 30 – Bloom

Week 31 – Being

Week 32 – Pride

Week 33 – Wild

Weeks 34 & 35 – Imagine & Desire

Weeks 36 & 37 – Release & Patience

Week 38 – Intend

Week 39 – Puzzle

Week 40 – Adorn

Week 41 – Center

Week 42 – Reach

Week 43 – Listen

Week 44 – Memory (#2)

Week 45 – Uncertainty

Week 46 – Hope

Week 47 – Love

Week 48 – Melancholy

Week 49 – Universe

Week 50 – Manifest

Week 51 – Cleanse

Wareeek 52 – Beloved

As Effy put “Memory” as a prompt twice (weeks 19 & 44), she added a bonus prompt at the end: “Present”.

Because I have no more room in my book for that one, I’ll add it to my 2019 book.

Effy is going through the prompts again for 2019, but I think I’ll revisit the 2017 prompts since I skipped that year…

April showers…

I spent 2 Saturdays mornings in April at the same place: Moschetti’s

It’s a local coffee roaster that has free coffee tastings every good Saturday, and Such. Great. Coffee.

It’s a great place to meet up with other local folks, maybe check out some art & crafts from vendors…

For me, it’s a great place to hang out, and ART my face off!

I’m working on Journal 52 2018 (I’m always behind, but I do like the prompts fromEffy for J52)…

I’m currently finishing up my postcards for iHanna’s Spring swap

These are this year’s models…extra long cards and a set of kid’s stencils got me started this year…

I played with paint…at the time, EVERYBODY was just pie-eyed about quinacridone nickel azo gold, so…

I had fun with more washi tape than any one person will ever need…really…

And gel pens…

And paint pens…

Pitt brush pens…

Magazine clippings…


More gel pens…

Time & travel…

And a TINY bit of attitude…

I’m sending these in tomorrow’s mail…2 for Canada, one for Denmark, and the rest in the states, but none in California (where I am).

Truly, iHanna is GOOD…