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Vegas Travel Journal

When I write in a journal, especially about my travels, I can record the most basic, banal detail and it will inspire total recall when I read it later…

I wrote in a travel journal for my entire Vegas trip.

I prepared this in advance, but filling it out every day makes it all real.

Happy Holidays!

#1 – Mark your intention…

This is the plan

(all plans subject to change)

12/25 …on xmas day…

12/26 busy days.

12/27 In between everything else, I make art.

12/28 Walk, walk, walk…

12/29 I love new pens!

12/30 Groceries are important.

12/31 We didn’t go anywhere at all on NYE. That was the plan and we stuck to it.

New Year’s Day was cold.

1/2 We all did our best impressions of houseplants, napping the day away…

1/3 Everybody basically exhausted themselves the day before we went home.

As I didn’t know I’d be in Vegas until the 4th, I had to add a few pages postcards to make room for the last days…

1/4 There are a few parts that are not visible to the public.


But I made it home on Saturday the 5th.

Yay, me!