I’m a Librarian and paper artist.
Unless otherwise noted, the art on this blog is mine. I made it, I don’t sell it, and I don’t authorize anyone to use any of it for anything.
Just look at it, and tell me if you like it…don’t steal it.

This is to be a collection of whatever random things I think about at any given moment.
I’ve written in a journal for more than 25 years so this is not a journal (NOSY!).
It is named for the oldest and youngest of my four (4) cats, but since they lack thumbs, It will contain what I want it to contain.

Me? I’m a left-handed Librarian who is SO HAPPY to live where there are trees! And I live 1 mile from the Napa river, so…WATER!

I like to think that I’m interesting enough to write a blog that somebody might want to read, and even if I’m not as funny as I think I am (pshaw!) I certainly spend a lot of time laughing.

I have a room full of art materials that I’m putting together into some semblance of creativity, and I hope to post photos of some of it, but I have to admit to a lack of confidence in my ability to make anything other than a mess with art supplies. I have always been more of a wordsmith than a visual artist but I have had an almost uncontrolable desire to get colorful for a while now.

I have a tendency to lean towards sarcasm and I know from experience that it doesn’ work online very well, so please know that I can be snarky but I don’t mean any harm…unless you annoy me, of course.


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