I have stated that I’m working in 7 (seven) large (9×11-ish) journals, all at the same time, right?

So, it works out that I finish pages in waves…

(That’s a Rob Thomas song, (Paper Dolls) off his album, The Great Unknown.

Love Rob Thomas music. I’ve seen Matchbox Twenty and Rt solo a couple times, and I LOVE his songwriting and voice. I loves me a good singer/songwriter

This song makes me think of my ex.

This is from The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky.

I think of some folks when I read this….

Finished this today, sitting on a bench on Georgia street after lunch…

This is uncharacteristic of me, in that it is so sparse…so severe…

But this bad boy goes out to my last TWO exes.

This is Joan of Arc.

’nuff said?

Where I paint:

I have a room full of art supplies, but my art table is in my living room. There is more room out here, I listen to music while I make the art, and the cats are more comfortable out here.

I spent a few hours today, cleaning up just this area:



To transform the space to THIS:


No difference, you say?


Cleaner is cleaner, even if it doesn’t show in the photos…

I’m off to paint in that big stack of books…