Month: January 2014

Late but working on it..

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The week 2 prompt for Journal 52 is (was?) “a Simple Place” and it was supposed to be in by LAST Sunday night, but I wasn’t in the moment I suppose. I have been working on it some, and will have it (and week 3’s “Makes Me Smile”) by THIS Sunday. I’ll post them both here…
I’m trying a double spread for “A Simple Place” and perhaps I’m a bit intimidated by so much space? NAH! I certainly feel like I’ve pretty much outgrown my mini journal and it isn’t even done. I seem to be expanding my art space needs while I shrink…

Week 1 Journal52 – Up Up and Away!

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This is my first week in Journal52 and I like the idea so far. Clearly, posting/showing my work to others is a new thing for me, but I want to learn more and grow in my art, so I’m doing it anyway…

I found out how velum curls when you try to glue it, and used tape dots for the second piece. Live & learn!

Tangled up in zen

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Worked on this during an interminable work meeting. This is the type of thing that keeps me from stabbing people out of boredom!Image.

One Little Word

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So, I didn’t think I could come up with only one (1) word to concentrate on for a whole year, but I realized that I had already come up with one when I decided to buy NO (as in NONE) art & craft supplies unless it is something that I have used up and need to replace it. I have so many supplies, my stash has a stash…

The word is USE. I am going to use the things I have purchased, use the information I have collected, and use the inspiration I have been squandering.

Not bad, I say.

St Patricks Day

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St Patricks Day

On the right: Lyrics to “Paddy Murphy”…an Irish drinking song my Father used to sing to me.