Catching up! Journal 52

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Finished 2 more pages over the weekend… I had sprayed two pages with walnut and java ink a few weeks ago and planned to extend this “conversation” page. The background ended up being darker than I had anticipated. It was difficult to add color on top of the spray. Live and learn in Art Journaling!

Week 3 – Conversation Starters

Week 3

Stencils, paint, gel and sharpie pens over walnut and java spray inks.

I DO love using my favorite beverage(s) as MY journaling subject…

Did discover an art supply that I DO NOT like for Week 5 – Television.

Week 5

I used Folkart stencil crème with stencils to add the tree branch and the bird in the cage and, over a week later, that black is STILL not dry. I picked this stuff up on sale, thinking that it would be more portable and useful when I journal out in the wild, as I am wont to do.


This has a an acrylic paint background, a picture from an advertisement, stencils and CRAPPY paint, rub-ons, and gel & paint pens.

The subject matter, television. is something I had struggled with until I had my cable turned off…now it bothers me not at all. I have Netflix and such for whenever I want to watch something but it’s never on as “background noise” and I don’t get sucked into crap I don’t care about. I don’t really miss it.

Yay me! More time to get artsy and that makes me happier than the “idiot box” ever could.

Week 5 Journal52 – Abstract

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Week 5

I’m not usually a very abstract sort of person, but I had a LOT of fun with this…the colors, playing with shapes…I almost don’t miss journaling all over it!

Week 2 Journal52 – Somewhere…A Simple Place

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Week 2 Journal52 - Somewhere...A Simple Place

As I have been residing in the desert for over a year, I miss trees SO MUCH! My “somewhere” is cool and dark and shady…

Week 1 Journal52 – Up Up and Away!

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This is my first week in Journal52 and I like the idea so far. Clearly, posting/showing my work to others is a new thing for me, but I want to learn more and grow in my art, so I’m doing it anyway…

I found out how velum curls when you try to glue it, and used tape dots for the second piece. Live & learn!