School’s out for summer?

So…my Brother is on break from school and my best friend is taking an oil painting class (where he doesn’t need my help to edit anything!) so I’m actually not doing homework for a bit. I seriously don’t know how to act…

Oh! I know! I’ll work on some art journaling! Heh.

Actually, I have been working on some pages for Journal 52 and will post them as soon as they’re dry (!) Trying to catch up is interesting, especially since I HAVE made beginnings on a few weekly themes (Creative Hands[18], Mandala [21], Party Animals [15]) and NOW I have time to finish some things. Oh! that does sound nice…”finishing something”. I don’t know about y’all but I have so many works in progress laying around, I’M not too surprised that the possibilities get a bit overwhelming at times.

Anywho…there’s more to come…in COLOR!

Worth fixing or get a new one?

So…It will cost $40 to get my sewing machine serviced, but I can get a brand new one for $80 or less and sell the old one at the yard sale my neighbor and I are having next Saturday.

While I am generally one for using what I have rather than chucking it for the new hotness, I wonder what would be the best choice for me here.

What do YOU think?