A public edit


I was able to have a professional photo session in January, and I love how the photos turned out.

I mean, LOOK at me! I generally, top out at “cute as hell” on most attractive scales, but I look HAWT here!

Since that time, my eczema has flared up mercilessly. It’s all over my torso and now it’s on the side of my neck. It’s itchy, it burns, and I’m not happy about it heading towards my face.

I first had eczema around 2001, when a tiny spot appeared on my shin. I generally had a few flare ups on my shins/calves, and rarely, (thank goodness) on my hands.

This most recent flare up has been on my lower back, and the sides of my torso, which makes it ferociously painful at the waistband of my pants, and at my bra strap.

I finally have a Dr. appointment next Wednesday, where I hope to be referred to a Gastrointerologist and a Dermatologist for my problems in both of these areas.

I’m tough, so I’ll make it, but sometimes I get tired of being tough.

My Partner takes exquisite care of me on the weekends, when I stay with him, but there isn’t much to be done until I can receive medical treatment.

I have superb (for the United States) health insurance through my employer, but it can still be an ordeal.

Wish me well, will ya?

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