More pages

Aside from coloring another postcard (not finished yet…be patient!) I spent some serious time organizing my craft room. I also pored over my copy of “Where Women Create Book Of Organization”, which has given me some fresh ideas about improving my “flow” through supply placement and art tool storage.  More on that later…
Here is another page in progress. ..


And this one too…


It’s about my BEST FRIEND.  Yesterday was her birthday. She’s 23…I swear!

I’ll take some photos of my smallest, most portable journal soon. Don’t know why I’ve been neglecting the poor little thing…

When IS a page finished?

So, I thought that my marker for a “finished” art journal page was when I put a date on it. And while that sounds nice and definitive,  now I’m not sure if it’s true.
Like this…


Am I done with this page? Dunno, but I sure don’t know what else to do with it.
And this spread…


Is it art jornaling if there is no text at all? I mean, a journal is a journal when it’s just words…
Am I overthinking things again?


Is this page done?
For right now…yes.


Ed. Now that I’ve looked at these pages on this blog, I see where I can go with the 2 page spread (with the faces) and the third page (nest and eggs). Isn’t it funny that I can aswer my own question if I give myself a little time?

Posty love

I have gotten a bit nutty with the postcard coloring lately, but I have had some fun and that IS the point, really.  Here is the owl I’m sending to Laura…


I’ve colored a few (but not all) of them.


Some are so finely printed, I’ll need super fine point colors to make it work. Cuz ya gotta have goals…

What am I?

I’m not a professional blogger, or an Artist, or a Lawyer.
I’m a Librarian, Y’all!

I AM, however, trying to figure out how to make this little endeavor all spiffy and add the badge-y links to my favorite blogs on the side of my page like other folks do.

Meh…maybe I’ll figure it out, maybe I won’t…

Getting posty with it…


This is the postcard I colored and will send to my sister in law (she’s a gardener).


This (once finished) will go to my friend Juli, who has a thing for frogs.


And this beauty is destined for my Cousin Laura, who does love the owls!

These are from a pre-printed “book” of postcards I found at Jo-anns & bought with a coupon (of course). I do like to color…

Coloring makes me happy

Sometimes just coloring pictures is enough to keep me happy.  Deciding what color to put next another is about the extent of my ambition at times.


It’s almost a meditation sometimes…like I say, “Whatever keeps me from stabbing folks in the eye.”


I work in a very drab environment so I am not surprised that my home is increasingly colorful.