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I got a brand new tattoo

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All of my ink up to this point has been plotted, planned, collaborated on…

Yesterday, I picked something off a flash sheet & had it done.

That’s right.

Daria Morgandorffer in a Wednesday Addams costume.

Or, a self-portrait, if-you-will…

No pictures.

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It seems that a large part of my art practice is that I make art in public and semi-public places.

Laundromats, bus stops, coffee shops, trains/buses/cars/airplanes, work meetings, community meetings, doctor’s office waiting rooms, etc…

The thing is, I do this…write/draw/color/collage/stick whatever into these books…to help ME…it calms me to have this to focus my eyes & hands on….it helps me listen better…but I’m realizing that many other people rarely, if ever, see folks MAKING art.

I was lucky enough to be exposed to art very early (in books, of all things!) but I don’t recall seeing folks MAKING art anywhere around, in public.

My family made/makes art of many kinds…music: both parents sang; Dad sang lead in a Barbershop Quartet in his younger days, and he always sang for me…Mom was endlessly practicing for another church choir solo…my brothers play the drums, flute/piccolo/sax, and keyboards, respectively…2 brothers paint/draw, the other, like me, works with words…everyone was/is creative…my Mom was a seamstress, and could/did make many things textile…my big Bros made/make amazing model train layouts…

I saw my folks being creative at home, but not out-n-about. Maybe, seeing someone “in process” of making art in random places will be a good thing for others to see?

People I don’t already know almost never “interrupt” me while I’m out somewhere, putting things in my books…most everyone waits until I make eye contact before they speak, or even wait for me to speak first.

I like answering questions about my art sometimes…I think that most anyone can Art Journal…it will just be their view/hands in it instead of mine. I say that anyone can do this, they just can’t do it exactly like me.

Currently, I seem to be in a cursive writing phase in my journals. I’m really OK with that, I just wish my handwriting was a beautiful as my Mom’s.

Contrarywise: Another part of my art is the fact that my books get super beat up, being carried around in my artbag… but that deserves photos…

On a windy day…

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I took my 2nd nephew to the Pirate Festival at the waterfront.

We had a Turkey leg and people watched…

I got henna just cuz I hadn’t yet. I have much ink, so this isn’t too much commitment for me…

And I was watching Despicable Me 3 when the power went off, so…

Do I ROCK a Saturday night, or what?


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I took my bestie, Judy, the Point Richmond city yard sale on Monday and we had a BLAST!

Among other adventures, we met, and bought these treasures from, the stamp lady…

I have many stamps that I want to use more in my art…now including these.

And then I received my stencil order from today…


Livin’ la vida stencil, y’all!

Also, I’m now working on a spread using a Peaky Blinders quote:

“Everyone’s a whore…we just sell different parts of ourselves.”
– Tommy Shelby

And THEN…I received another postcard!

From Canada!

Art Rules!


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It is a harsh thing, when a stoic person finally crashes…

Gotta go BIGGER…

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As I am nursing a broken heart, along with an unfamiliar feeling of freedom, I’m absolutely losing my shit, in the ol’ noggin, right about now.

That being said…I’m working on something…big.

Like, “life-size” big.

Well…I’m taking a break, driving to Fresno tomorrow to visit some of my Brothers & go swimming, but when I get back, I’ll be finishing the rough outline, and hanging ’em on the wall cuz that’s the only place I’ll be able to work on ’em.

Anywho…no pics cuz there’s nothing to see here…just me…crying about how the Love Of My Life is…Unavailable…