It’s not ALL about the cats…

Aside from the fact that this blog is named for 2 of them, it is not intended to be about them exclusively. They are my children and I love them dearly, but I also wanted a place to discuss my tentative steps into the worlds of crafting and art journalling.

Over the past holiday weekend, I organized quite a bit more of my “Craft Room” and even took the time to paint a few things. See…I rent a 2 bedroom apartment and the smaller bedroom is my craft spot.

I have collected A LOT of supplies and equipment over the past couple of years, looking forward to the time (NOW!!!) when I could get creative with it all. I have books and paper and wood and metal and odd bits of flotsam & jetsam just waiting patiently for me to transform it all into a new and/or reincarnated thing of beauty and/or usefullness.

So…this blog provides me with one less excuse for keeping it all to myself. I can make things, take pictures of them, and post them here. If other people like them, YAY! If they don’t, that will be OK too, because this is the interwebs and criticism once removed matters to me even less than in real life.

The point of all this is that I have the space and time to GET creative. Whatever comes out will be…um…whatever!

Oh! The craft room is closed to kitties except for when I am in it, because, more than the fact that I don’t want to worry about the children messing up my projects, I REALLY don’t want to have to clean wet paint off of cats!

I’ll have the eggs to post a picture of SOMEthing I made soon…until then, here is one of the MANY pictures I like from Pinterest…