Social media break.

I’ve been on Facebook for a very long time. Since 2013? 2011? Something like that.

Recently, my Facebook use has gotten a bit excessive. As in, scrolling on Facebook has become an unacceptable time-suck in my life.

I am connected with far-flung family and friends through FB, as I have lived all over the country, and so do my friends and family, so I don’t plan to quit it completely, but I haven’t been on for over a week and the lack of daily scrolling sessions has not been in the least unbearable.

After this past week of total blackout, I’ll likely go back on sometime this weekend, but I will avail myself upon the scheduling software available to assist me in establishing/keeping limits on my use.

My Facebook habits have been causing issues in my most important personal relationship and I will never let a computer program get between me and real-life Human Interactions.

This I swear.

Thumb smashing…

TW: physical injury w/photos







So, last week, my clumsy ass tripped in my own home and fell into the wall, thumb first 🤪🙃😜😂🤣

I have felt like a clumsy goof SO MANY times in my life. As a child, I felt as sure-footed as a cat, but that completely changed once I grew tall so quickly (5’7″ to 5’10” in less than 6 months).

It has taken me a VERY long time for me to become this comfortable in my body…in this skin. I have practiced my balance and am generally solid on my feet, but I still manage to injure myself often enough to doubt my coordination.

Fresh & painfull.

When I first did this, my whole thumb and wrist hurt. I wrapped my wrist that first day so I could mouse at work. 😩

24 hours after impact.

By that time, my wrist was fine, but the thumb hurt all the way to the base. 🥺

Just this part hurts by now.

A couple days later, just hurts to the first knuckle. 😠

No more pain, just looks extra dirty. 😂😉

Graceless is an awful word for me. My middle name is Grace, and Nancy MEANS Grace.

A synonym of clumsy is “left-handed”, which I fully claim, proudly, but there are also: awkward, maladroit, klutzy, and worst of all: graceless.

I’ll do a whole other post about the dangers of being left-handed in a right-handed world…

As I mistrust most thoughts of “gracefullness” as it pertains to myself, I prefer to concentrate on something I CAN do well…Graciousness.

gracious adjective gra·cious | \ ˈgrā-shəs  \ 1a: marked by kindness and courtesy/:/a gracious host

While I could conceivably fall short of Graceful on any given day I have that “gracious host” thing in spades.

Wirt is a German word meaning “Host.”

This came in handy as a Bartender, and is currently especially useful as a Librarian.

Stay warm, y’all!