Month: February 2014

I made dis-1!

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I finally got to turn¬†this thrift store find… Image

…into this spiffy ribbon board…


I just looked at a bunch of pictures on Pinterest and figured it out.

MAN! Staple guns are AWESOME!!!



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This is in my first journal that is the closest to “finished” that I have in that there is paint or SOMETHING on every page.
When I stamped the butterfly on this page, I didn’t realize that I had the book upside-down. This is the type of thing I’m loving…how what I would have thought of as a mistake in the past is something to investigate and make something out of.

Week 6 Journal52 – Love Letters

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Week 6 Journal52 - Love Letters

The closest thing to a “love letter” I have sent in a VERY long time is the words to the Sugarland song “Shine The Light”. I sent it to my best friend at Xmas to remind him that I will always be here for him no matter what.

Week 5 Journal52 – Abstract

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Week 5

I’m not usually a very abstract sort of person, but I had a LOT of fun with this…the colors, playing with shapes…I almost don’t miss journaling all over it!

Week 2 Journal52 – Somewhere…A Simple Place

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Week 2 Journal52 - Somewhere...A Simple Place

As I have been residing in the desert for over a year, I miss trees SO MUCH! My “somewhere” is cool and dark and shady…

No Dancer

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No Dancer

New page from a larger journal.
Playing with the idea of journaling about me.