Gone Witchy?

So, the year long “class” I’m taking with Effy Wild (Book of Days) is basically an extension of the Art Journalling I’ve been doing since 2011, but the structure of a course taught by someone else is something entirely different from my own experiments…

Anyway…I am using a different type of book for this than I am used to (I’ve been a sipral-bound gal all this time) but I already had fun decorating the cover of this Ranger(tm) journal:

(While working on postcards)

And I started working on the cover of my “Art Grimoire” at the same time, but it’s not finished yet.

I LOVE the cover of my BOD (Book Of Days).

And I’m pretty sure it’s the nifty titles for these art journals are meant to sound witchy, and I am absolutely ok with that, as I am a bit witchy myself…

There are always options to make my own journal from paper I choose, but I honestly don’t feel the need to do that.

“If you don’t have the time/skill/patience to make your own BOD, storebought is fine…”

Anyway…I’m off to lunch then back to work…like my Brother says, “Keep the shiny side up!”

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