Paint pouring

So, I took a class at Allard’s Art Supply store in Fresno last Monday with my dear friend, Juli. We made 3 pieces…er…a piece.

The blue one above is my first, smallest, piece. (5×7)

I learned that, while it is exciting to spray 91% alcohol to see the paint move and the cells form, too much will dull the shine on the final, dry, piece.

The piece above, with the lime green looked like that when it was wet & super shiny.

Then it dried overnight:

This was partially due to how much paint was used, in addition to the alcohol sprays.

It shows up in my 3rd piece, and now I know how the metallics take over. Wet:

And, dry:

I could, and might, put the shine back on with a clear coat on top of #s 2 & 3…maybe.

But I WILL be doing this at home. I just need some dollar store supplies, some more art board, and about a gallon of pouring medium…

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