9 cards.variety is a wonderful thing…
Got the first one, from Arizona, right away:

# 2 hails from Santa Clarita 

Third up has no postmark,  so the best I guess is USA…

This cardboard masterpiece flew in from New York state:

# 5 came all the way from Aberdeen Scotland! 

The sixes also has no postmark,  but an Australian stamp, so YAY!

The last 3 all arrived on the same day. Can’t read the postmark on this one, but USA again…

And this one can only be pinned down to “midwest” an according to the artist, this card is part of an originally “uncut image” that I can view if I visit artist’s instagram. Pretty clever, there.

And finally, lucky # 9, the biggest of the bunch, and from Haverfordwest, UK (that’s Wales, that is)…

Nine out of ten is pretty good for the swap. Some folks post late, mail gets lost, life happens…I flaked one year, myself…
So, yeah…another successful swap, and another row for my hanging…art. 

Heh. You’ll see…

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