Spring Postcard Swap 2017

I made 10 postcards to send for iHanna’s Spring 2017 swap. 8 were pre-printed marketing postcards that came in a little packet, and the other 2 were from some OTHER marketing thing…doesn’t matter though, ‘cuz I just covered their stuff up with mine.

Right to it, then?

They all started with gesso and…oh…stenciling with archival ink (with those little, round, Tim Holtz sponges that Velcro onto a handle, ya know?), but on the black card, I used some fiber paste instead of ink.

Cuz I’m a rebel, I am.

Paint thinned with glazing medium (my new bff):

Groovy, right? I heard tell, nickel azo gold is magic. Nah…just a great orangey gold.

More stenciling with bright orange & the darkest blue I cold find:

What? Some stuff is subtle…

Super glossy gel all in here…

YAWN! this is the point where I was completely done with trying to remember to take a photo before I did something else, so…

Everybody got some washi tape, magazine clippings, more stenciling, & words.

….AND….I’m spent.

Yowza! Too many photos, maybe? Sorry…I have also received 9 out of 10 from other folks, but that’s for another time…

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