School’s out for summer?

So…my Brother is on break from school and my best friend is taking an oil painting class (where he doesn’t need my help to edit anything!) so I’m actually not doing homework for a bit. I seriously don’t know how to act…

Oh! I know! I’ll work on some art journaling! Heh.

Actually, I have been working on some pages for Journal 52 and will post them as soon as they’re dry (!) Trying to catch up is interesting, especially since I HAVE made beginnings on a few weekly themes (Creative Hands[18], Mandala [21], Party Animals [15]) and NOW I have time to finish some things. Oh! that does sound nice…”finishing something”. I don’t know about y’all but I have so many works in progress laying around, I’M not too surprised that the possibilities get a bit overwhelming at times.

Anywho…there’s more to come…in COLOR!

Worth fixing or get a new one?

So…It will cost $40 to get my sewing machine serviced, but I can get a brand new one for $80 or less and sell the old one at the yard sale my neighbor and I are having next Saturday.

While I am generally one for using what I have rather than chucking it for the new hotness, I wonder what would be the best choice for me here.

What do YOU think?


Sew what?

Did I ever tell you that I know how to sew? Wait…did I ever tell you that my Mother was a seamstress? (Among other things, she was a Renaissance woman) Well…all of these statements are true and what it means for my creativity is that I have my Mom’s sewing machine, a lightweight Brother with minimal fanciness and attachments. This machine has been sitting in a closet/storage unit/garage for the dozen years since my Mom died, but I am going to take it to the local vacuum/sewing machine repair shop this week and have it tuned up.

Why would I make plans to bring this machine up to the front of my crafty world after all this time? Well…I’ll tell you. Even though I have not-so-fond memories of sewing causing my to neck hurt (possibly because it was too low on the table as Mom was shorter than I am), I have a few interesting ideas about sewing on paper and adding fabric to my arty repertoire. More importantly, though, I am SWIMMING in my clothes and folks are (lovingly) giving me crap about it. Yeah…it’s a rough life, losing 100lbs. “Poor me! My clothes are all too big!” 


So, I’ll get the old machine a lube job and retrain myself to wind a bobbin and work that puppy so that I can at least tailor my tops and skirts to fit so I’ll only have to purchase pants (not ambitious enough to try to create pants for myself, realistically) and underpinnings.

But the FUN part will be getting silly and creative with thread. Yeah…like I need ANOTHER hobby…

All public and stuff

Just told Facebook that this little blog exists. I wonder if that will make a difference in inspiring me to put more art up here?

I am almost completely finished with an art journal (as finished as one can get, I suppose…I can ALWAYS add more to quite a bit of it…) and should probably put some more pages up here…

Let’s see…


Hmmm….will work on better photos using actual light…


I worked on this, the inside back cover, more after this photo was taken, but this is the gist of it.

Gonna take some more pics later today (after I do some NECESSARY housework) & will get to working on my other journals to let this one rest…WOOT!

Going Postal

So, I made a spiffy blog post last week that had a bunch of photos and loads of commentary about iHanna‘s spring 2014 postcard swap but when I went to post my hard-earned, beautiful work, WordPress swallowed it whole and my annoyance kept me from trying again (AND I was up in the mountains over the weekend, basically unplugged) until now.

This second try isn’t as fancy or funny as last week’s attempt, but here are a few of the cards I sent to places as diverse as Australia, Sweden, and Monrovia, CA (?).




I did the swap last fall but I was truly appalled at my “artistic” efforts for that so it’s just as well that I didn’t take pictures. This Swap that iHanna puts on 2 x per year is really awesome (AWESOME!) and Imma keep doing it.


I have NOT been creating art for WAY too long here, and that has to change. I have been helping my best friend and my brother with their homework (they both went back to college and I am SO PROUD of them!) to the exclusion of nearly everything else for a few weeks now. See, I’ve always been wordsmith-ish. I learned to read so young, I don’t remember when it happened. I was not allowed to attend preschool becasue I already knew how to read. And now I am a Librarian, so words are in my career and in my blood, so to speak.

In any case, I assist most everybody I know with editing and creating things with words, and this means that the “journaling” part of “Art Journaling” has never been an issue for me. I have been writing in a journal for MANY years, but only strarted to ad color and shape to my pages fairly recently. It is still much too easy for me to slip back into the “writing only” rut I had been in (which is why I am trying so hard to expand my creativity, because it feels like a rut) and I am trying to break out of that spot.

I signed up for iHanna”s postcard swap and need to have 10 handmade postcards ready to mail by May 1st. Yeah. Haven’t even started that. And I am so far behind on the Journal 52 prompts, it’s like I haven’t done any (4/16 is pretty lame, I say). However, instead of beating myself up for not doing more, and making this art-making thing into a chore, I’m gonna just roll with it.

So….roll with me?

Need more paint!

…not in my posession, but in my days.

I HAVE quite a bit of paint in my stash to work with, I just need to USE it. And “use” is my word of the year…both in the “to use” meaning, but also in the “be OF USE” meaning. I didn’t start this blog to have it become something that tries to make me feel guilty for not posting often “enough” but to have a place to show some of the things that I make to other humans on this planet. I do put color on paper every week, if not every day, but I tend to second guess myself when it comes to photographing and posting these things here. I’m not even sure why, since nobody has been mean about anything I have posted yet. Besides, I’m tougher than I think…

I have written in a journal since I was 15 (for nearly 30 years…DANG!) but have only recently added art/color/anything besides words to what I create. So, the “journaling” part of art journaling is not any kind of problem for me, but I doubt the REALLY BIG doubts about the rest of this.

I came to the delightful realization yesterday, that Monday is a holiday so I get a three day weekend (Thanks, Cesar Chavez!) AND today is Friday (which is always awesome) AND it’s PAYDAY WOOT!!! So…even though I have a BUNCH to do (laundry, oil change in my car, get my hair cut & nails done – first pedi of the season, Y’all!) I do hope to play with paint and perhaps show some more stuff here.

I gotta connect with my painty-muse…



This is in my first journal that is the closest to “finished” that I have in that there is paint or SOMETHING on every page.
When I stamped the butterfly on this page, I didn’t realize that I had the book upside-down. This is the type of thing I’m loving…how what I would have thought of as a mistake in the past is something to investigate and make something out of.