10 things

…a la Effy Wild

1) My nephew is my new roomate and he is amazing! He’s 20 and getting set to go to EMT school. He reminds me to eat breakfast (as in, more than coffee) and is so encouraging and willing. Emily likes him too, mostly.

2) Emily is my best friend. She follows me from room to room, talking to me when she feels the need…

3) I’m good at my job and don’t have plans to change careers, but I am currently BORED. I’ll be heading to a librarian conference just before Halloween and they have always reinvigorated my enthusiasm in the past, so I hope it will work that way again this time…besides, I’ll get to see my prison people there.

4) I am now working on 2 books, the original book of poems and songs will be illustrated by me, and I am moving along on this even though each spread is twice as large as I’m used to working with…also…

5) I am transcribing my author’s other book as well. I edit. I am an editor, but right now it’s just typing.

6) I’m going to see a new-to-me psychiatrist on Thursday. I have a therapist I see on the regular, but I need to have a psych monitor my anti-depressants. He called me back personally to setup the appointment and he sounds great. We shall see…

7) Although I’m not “afraid” of the dentist, I haven’t been to one in a dozen years, mostly because of the pain I went through back in 2007. In my experience and opinion, the only thing worse than tooth pain is passing a kidney stone. I have an appointment a week from Friday. Go me.

8) Going to the gym is good for me and I’m enjoying going, thank coffee, because I’d hate to have to keep doing something I loathe.

9) Working on clearing all the extraneous crap out of my apartment is a long term project, but every load I remove from the place makes me feel better, and makes more room for my nephew and me.

10) I’m making my favorite chicken vegetable soup in the crock pot and it’s making my place smell like heaven…want some?

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