Sew what?

Did I ever tell you that I know how to sew? Wait…did I ever tell you that my Mother was a seamstress? (Among other things, she was a Renaissance woman) Well…all of these statements are true and what it means for my creativity is that I have my Mom’s sewing machine, a lightweight Brother with minimal fanciness and attachments. This machine has been sitting in a closet/storage unit/garage for the dozen years since my Mom died, but I am going to take it to the local vacuum/sewing machine repair shop this week and have it tuned up.

Why would I make plans to bring this machine up to the front of my crafty world after all this time? Well…I’ll tell you. Even though I have not-so-fond memories of sewing causing my to neck hurt (possibly because it was too low on the table as Mom was shorter than I am), I have a few interesting ideas about sewing on paper and adding fabric to my arty repertoire. More importantly, though, I am SWIMMING in my clothes and folks are (lovingly) giving me crap about it. Yeah…it’s a rough life, losing 100lbs. “Poor me! My clothes are all too big!” 


So, I’ll get the old machine a lube job and retrain myself to wind a bobbin and work that puppy so that I can at least tailor my tops and skirts to fit so I’ll only have to purchase pants (not ambitious enough to try to create pants for myself, realistically) and underpinnings.

But the FUN part will be getting silly and creative with thread. Yeah…like I need ANOTHER hobby…

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