Going Postal

So, I made a spiffy blog post last week that had a bunch of photos and loads of commentary about iHanna‘s spring 2014 postcard swap but when I went to post my hard-earned, beautiful work, WordPress swallowed it whole and my annoyance kept me from trying again (AND I was up in the mountains over the weekend, basically unplugged) until now.

This second try isn’t as fancy or funny as last week’s attempt, but here are a few of the cards I sent to places as diverse as Australia, Sweden, and Monrovia, CA (?).




I did the swap last fall but I was truly appalled at my “artistic” efforts for that so it’s just as well that I didn’t take pictures. This Swap that iHanna puts on 2 x per year is really awesome (AWESOME!) and Imma keep doing it.

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