Need more paint!

…not in my posession, but in my days.

I HAVE quite a bit of paint in my stash to work with, I just need to USE it. And “use” is my word of the year…both in the “to use” meaning, but also in the “be OF USE” meaning. I didn’t start this blog to have it become something that tries to make me feel guilty for not posting often “enough” but to have a place to show some of the things that I make to other humans on this planet. I do put color on paper every week, if not every day, but I tend to second guess myself when it comes to photographing and posting these things here. I’m not even sure why, since nobody has been mean about anything I have posted yet. Besides, I’m tougher than I think…

I have written in a journal since I was 15 (for nearly 30 years…DANG!) but have only recently added art/color/anything besides words to what I create. So, the “journaling” part of art journaling is not any kind of problem for me, but I doubt the REALLY BIG doubts about the rest of this.

I came to the delightful realization yesterday, that Monday is a holiday so I get a three day weekend (Thanks, Cesar Chavez!) AND today is Friday (which is always awesome) AND it’s PAYDAY WOOT!!! So…even though I have a BUNCH to do (laundry, oil change in my car, get my hair cut & nails done – first pedi of the season, Y’all!) I do hope to play with paint and perhaps show some more stuff here.

I gotta connect with my painty-muse…

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