Spring Postcard Swap 2017

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I made 10 postcards to send for iHanna’s Spring 2017 swap. 8 were pre-printed marketing postcards that came in a little packet, and the other 2 were from some OTHER marketing thing…doesn’t matter though, ‘cuz I just covered their stuff up with mine.

Right to it, then?

They all started with gesso and…oh…stenciling with archival ink (with those little, round, Tim Holtz sponges that Velcro onto a handle, ya know?), but on the black card, I used some fiber paste instead of ink.

Cuz I’m a rebel, I am.

Paint thinned with glazing medium (my new bff):

Groovy, right? I heard tell, nickel azo gold is magic. Nah…just a great orangey gold.

More stenciling with bright orange & the darkest blue I cold find:

What? Some stuff is subtle…

Super glossy gel all in here…

YAWN! this is the point where I was completely done with trying to remember to take a photo before I did something else, so…

Everybody got some washi tape, magazine clippings, more stenciling, & words.

….AND….I’m spent.

Yowza! Too many photos, maybe? Sorry…I have also received 9 out of 10 from other folks, but that’s for another time…

Things collect themselves together…

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Am happy recipient of five (5) postcards!

The first to arrive…from The City*.

* “The City” is San Francisco,  if you don’t know…I didn’t, for a REALLY long time…

This did come from Kodiak, Alaska. Stamps are too cool.

This little piece of happy came from a tiny (!) town called Kneeland, Ca (up near Eureka). and this has stamps too! But that’s not the theme…

I don’t know where this is from. I could probably figure it out, but why? The email address, as written, is: scribblescribble@hotmail

The card is amazing, tho. It’s thick with collage medum/shellac/whatever, and the machine sewn frame completes me.

And then there’s this…

What the fuck, y’all? How am I supposed to process all of this? Honestly. The colors, composition, crackle meduim…I’m dead.

From Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Way to go, Canada .

Now, you know I use the camera on my galaxy 5 for all this, so my photos lack a certain…quality…and the light in my apartment after work in late November is notably lame on a rainy day, but DAMN!

Beige/gold/tan with red touches theme much? It’s like these strangers talked amongst themselves…!

Heh. whatever.



Postcards from ME!

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Heh. Like I’m all special or something.

I made and sent 10 postcards to various locations around the world last week. Yes, I was late dropping them in the mail, but I DID send them. I figure that the reason I have only received one (1) postcard so far is because I sent mine out late. Seems fair, but I am getting grumpy every time I open my mailbox but don’t find anything in there bud ads for black Friday sales.

Anyway, now that my kvetching is over, here are the postcards I sent this time:



10 (ten) finished postcards, ready to fly away…

Yes, the writing is all Bob Dylan quotes.

I’m a bit obsessed right now…listening to as much of his extensive recordings as I can get my hands on.  I firmly believe that listening to Dylan makes one smarter. I know there are those who don’t care for Dylan’s music (my dear friend Judy who lives for the theater comes to mind), but there are enough of us to commiserate if we would like to. I’m just seriously into his music and writing so very much…and his words are all too relevant right now…

Right…6 of the postcards started out as blank, pre-printed. postcards I bought last year. The other four were made from cracker boxes cut to size, with the printing covered by gesso. Backgrounds were watercolor, acrylic, or sprayed fabric paint.

Stamps, stencils, washi tape, and Liquitex ceramic stucco mixed with neon craft paint for the pink & orange stars.

I love playing with all this stuff…

Postcards = Happy Mail!

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I am on the train toward my vacation, and since it’s dark, I thought I’d update y’all on the postcard love.


These are the latest four (4!) I have received. The white one is embossed with music


and the “Life” card has lace sewn onto it, and


I feel pretty special that the “Spring” card is from iHanna herself! 20150605_234944-1 All told, I’ve received 7 out of ten cards already and I have to say that this is getting more fun each time I participate in the swap.

I AM on vacation for the next 2 weeks and, while I’ll be unplugged and/or camping part of the time, I plan on making MUCH art. I’ll  be visiting my 2 best friends and one is an art major so I hope to see some great art, be inspired,  and play with my art too!

There IS other Art though…

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With all the poasts about Journal 52 and my joy at finally catching up on all the prompts, one might think that it is all I do when it comes to “artsing” (my best friend, an art student’s, word), but that is not the case.

I mailed out my 10 postcards for iHanna’s spring swap and have already received 2 in yesterday’s mail. Hanna does this twice a year (I think). This is my 3rd time participating and it is TOO FUN!

This time, I painted/stamped/doodled on a BIG piece of mixed media paper (18″ x 24″) before I cut it down into postcard-size.


I had to gesso the back side of the paper to stop it from curling so much, but that was fun too!


After I cut the page up, I made more marks on each one I chose (I have eight [8!] extra cards to play with!) to mail and added address labels with my email and this website address on it.

Right up until the moment I drop all 10 into the mailbox, I feel like my contribution to this swap is lame and so much less than other folks’, but then I start to receive my cards from other people all over the world and realize that I MADE SOMETHING COOL and gave it away to strangers. This fact AUTOMATICALLY makes my art awesome, I think.


20150527_174134-1 - Copy

This works both ways, too. The art I receive is ultimately cooler for having been sent to me by people I will likely NEVER MEET.

Makes the world a LITTLE BIT smaller and more friendly!

Posty love

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I have gotten a bit nutty with the postcard coloring lately, but I have had some fun and that IS the point, really.  Here is the owl I’m sending to Laura…


I’ve colored a few (but not all) of them.


Some are so finely printed, I’ll need super fine point colors to make it work. Cuz ya gotta have goals…

Getting posty with it…

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This is the postcard I colored and will send to my sister in law (she’s a gardener).


This (once finished) will go to my friend Juli, who has a thing for frogs.


And this beauty is destined for my Cousin Laura, who does love the owls!

These are from a pre-printed “book” of postcards I found at Jo-anns & bought with a coupon (of course). I do like to color…