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…a quote from Danny Alexander.

Late postcard

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From Arizona. I appreciate the sentiment:

Brings my total to 9. Not bad at all…

Keep on Arting.

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This was some random retweet.


“I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, blocking his path on purpose and making him squeeze past me, in a display of dominance.”


This fall’s postcard harvest

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8, so far.

They are appropriately GLORIOUS of course.

1) This came from Massachusetts:

The sewing a frame on postcards thing doesn’t get old, and yummy colors…

2) From Virginia:

So simple, so effective.

3) From LA:

I hope all y’all know that the photos don’t do these pieces of art real justice…

4) Unknown / USA:

This is great. Love this style and sentiment. Coffee, tea & me…

5) From a fellow wordpress blogger,, in North Carolina:

I just love this…colors… juxtaposition…yes.

6) From Luxembourg!

This came in an envelope but it’s in 3D so it makes sense.

7) From Montreal:

8) This feels like canvas, it’s such nice paper.

From Alaska!

This is the only one wrapped in a postcard condom, but it says, “Raven steals the sun.”

“When you see a raven, ask it for ‘good’ luck.”

Maybe 2 more on their way here…maybe not…

Some friends were talking…

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…about marriage this morning.

This is my current viewpoint on the subject:


I’m rapidly finishing up 2 more art journals…they are among the six (6!) I started shortly after I moved to Vallejo 3 years ago.

They have different colored covers.

So, Red & Yellow coming soon-ish…

Sometimes they are my words…

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I usually quote others in my art.


Edit 1/17/19: Also…since I made it, I can change it…

Is better…

Journal #5

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It ain’t French parfum, but at 9×12, it IS the largest journal I have finished to date…

Started it in 2013, when I was in the desert, working for CDCR.

Carrying something around in a backpack for 5+ will beat a cover up…

Pockets for random things on inside cover…

And then it begins.

“There is no faith in a man, not even a brother, so girls if you must love, love one another.”

– ?

“The older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and fucking furious.”

— Sophie Haewood

I used to work in a prison…

This certainly isn’t directed at myself…

You are MAGIC!

“I don’t need a diamond, I like wearing his smoke rings.”

– Miranda Lambert

Travel is broadening…

Paint, stencils, gel pens, paint pens, quotes from iHanna (I think), canvas stickers, washi tape…like most everything else in here.

This one makes me laugh.

Had my first (only) cigar with my ex-LOML, who loves cigars. He is now known as the “Fucking Idiot.”

Chronicles of my Amtrak trip halfway across the country in 2015…

Picasso quote.

This one came together with very little input from me…

Loved this when I started it, hated it for a long time, then redeemed it.

Some things fall apart and others come together.

Rob Thomas is one of my favorite singer/songwriters.

And he don’t lie.

Henry Rollins has a way with words, it seems…

Rob Thomas telling the truth again…

Souvenirs of my ill-fated trip to the gold country for the 4th…

“You know I’ll fight my corner and that tonight I’ll call ya…”

– Ed Sheeran is another favorite…

This a quote from Tommy Shelby of the Peaky Blinders. You should watch the Peaky Blinders. It’s excellent.

Dylan rules.

That is all.

I’ve yet to meet Andrew, but he works with Cornelius Vango at the Slab City Library, and I’ll quote him.

Clearly I’ve been practicing my cursive in here…

Don’t know who wrote this, but it brings to mind how well I heal…

“What we learned here is love tastes bitter when it’s gone.”

– Rob Thomas

From, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”


This just came out after too many online dates…

So…apparently, I like everything about Patti except her music.

Also, the quote is from Dorothy Parker.

Joan of Arc, y’all…

Vera Jones distilled my whole “relationship” with Fucking Idiot down to a single sentence.

Random is what random does…

Oh, Ed…don’t lie to me…

Back cover:

I’m always so elated when I finish a journal. Accomplished.

That’s a lot of art in one place.

Also, the other night, at the laundromat, a girl of about 10-ish said, “I like your art.”

Later, as I was hauling my clean duds to my car, the same girl asked me, “Are you an artist?” And I don’t know why, but I told her that, “Yes. If you make art, that makes you an artist.”

I’m feeling pretty good about this right now…