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So, a guy at work told me I reminded him of Velma from Scooby-Doo.

I said, “Really? Jinkies!”


So, I had fun at my monthly Teen Art program on Tuesday, where we played with some watercolors…so I put that watercolor piece in a book…

I got the chance to talk with my newest volunteer, and she told me she likes this page, that it looks like a forest…

I can kinda see a forest, but I wonder what it will be in the end…

I’m done with this, and, obviously, am also too much…

But I keep putting things on these pages and that makes me happy, so imma keep doing it…

I’m still working on my Journal 52 pages…

When I finally make marks on that big ol’ canvas, I’ll let all ya’ll know.

(I plan to incorporate my ex’s self-portrait into the piece…wonder what’s gonna happen…)

2.5 weeks until my vacay…

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